We sell high-quality fabric made in Japan  at the competitive price.

Print fabric is madein Japan 100%,Linen is made in Japan roughly 99 % (For example other countries are France)

(1)Even if you can put goods in a cart, goods are sometimes sold out.
   When you're paying a bill by a card, we'll pay back immediately.

(2) We keep our stock in the store. since so, even if you can make your order successfully on our website, your order might be sold out. 

(3)In case your payment is settled with a credit card and we find your ordered goods are out of stock, we will refund the amount. 

(4) After we receive your payment, your order will usually be shipped within the next 3 days. However, it might be later than that. Please let us know if you need your order in a hurry. 

(5)The previous website (URL) is still working. You can use both websites to shop our goods with satisfactions! 

(6) Basically, we cannot accept returns and exchanges since we cut fabric in different sizes for each customer. However, we will accept the returns only for the defective goods. For other reason to return, please let us know.

(7) the return date is within a week after your order arrive. 

(8)the due date of payment is within 3 days after we send you a confirmation email. 

(9)The unit of the cart is 1=10cm. It'spossible to buy if from 50cm.

(10)The width of the fabric is different respectively.

 TEL&FAX ( The country code )81 75-323-0839
                                   In Japan 075-323-0839    
 E-mail  uedafabric@yahoo.co.jp     




About the owner

柴崎哲也 (Tetsuya Shibazaki)

新しい年になりましたね。 「新春スペシャルセール」を始めました! 「特別特価スペシャルセール」「超人気コットン」「ニット」「デザイナーズコレクション」のコーナーなどにも、いろいろ入荷いたしました!